Catalyst Platform

One Platform to Manage Your Intelligence

​The Catalyst platform delivers critical business insights from across your global and premium content sources to help your senior executive teams excel and drive collaboration around market innovations and ideas.

How it Works

We connect your content sources into the Catalyst platform, to enable your senior executives to discover insights and search for competitors, clients, partners and industry news.

We provide the curation tools to create live alerts, PDF reports, newsletter briefings and RSS feeds to deliver insights to your executive teams, clients and partners.

You can also work with our in-house analyst team to build search Topics around your sector, in addition to curating industry newsletters.

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The Catalyst platform monitors over 40k+ global news feeds. You can connect your favourite news feeds and additional premium subscriptions.

Topic Library

The Topic Library is at the core of the Catalyst platform. Researchers can build and test highly-defined searches and then save these as Topics within a shared Topic Library, accessible to all users. End-users can build their own Topics– either selecting a Topic from the Library or create their own personal Topics.

Curation Tools

Our easy to use curation tools enable your senior executives to receive live alerts that are delivered straight to their inbox. You can also distribute company-branded PDF reports and industry briefings that share the latest insights with your team, clients and partners.

Group Management

Our group management tools enable you to easily set up groups of users, Topics, live alerts and newsletter subscriptions.

Powerful Analytics To View Content Usage

Our Analytics Dashboard gives you a 360 overview of your information sources, tracking content usage by Topic, content source and individual user data, plus the ROI of your premium content sources.

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