Delivering Insight is Complex.
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Catalyst delivers the insights your senior executives need every day to identify new business leads, improve client engagement and drive innovation.

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Use Catalyst to Stay Informed on Innovation and Market Disruption

Catalyst is a cloud-based platform delivering the best intelligence from across thousands of global and premium sources to your executives, wherever and whenever they need it.

Innovation and disruptive new companies are affecting all industries, business models and markets.

Keeping executive teams up-to-speed on how innovation and competitor moves will affect their markets and clients is increasingly a strategic priority for CEOs and internal stakeholders.

CXOs, Heads of Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge Management use Catalyst as a powerful tool to keep their organization aware of new product ideas, partnerships, threats and opportunities.

Deliver Daily Insights Your Executives Need

​Ensure your senior executives are prepared for sales pitches and client meetings with daily intelligence alerts - and allow them to focus on value creation and business objectives rather than spending time looking for information.

Research & Curate to Keep Your Teams Informed

Research analysts can keep teams, clients and partners aware of business-critical intelligence, through topic searches and curation of briefings in weekly newsletters and PDF reports – with easy organization of all recipients by topics of interest.

Centrally Manage & Track All Usage From One Platform

Centrally manage all users and content sources in one place – easily set up groups of users, manage topics within a shared library, control content licenses and track all usage via our analytics dashboard.

Available For Single Teams or Enterprise-Wide

Catalyst is used by individual teams who need to track a specific market area – for example, the Head of Innovation at a global bank, who needs to keep 100 senior executives across his organisation up-to-speed on new FinTech companies with briefings and alerts.

Catalyst is also rolled out across entire organisations for thousands of users to replace or compliment existing content management systems. Our enterprise-grade software enables any organization to centrally manage all their expensive content sources via the platform and manage large user numbers with single sign-on (SSO) and private cloud security.

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How We've Helped Our Clients

Global Accounting Firm

One of the world's largest accounting firms uses Catalyst to deliver intelligence and connect its global network of knowledge workers.



Hive, a Centrica product, monitors the smart home market using Catalyst for executive briefings on IoT news for 300+ senior executives across the company.



Symantec uses Catalyst to keep their senior executives informed on cyber security news for their 7,000+ sales partners and employees.


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