Executives Now Expect More Intelligent Delivery of Insights

Catalyst solves the information overload challenge within any large organization.

Many CxOs and senior executives know they need to stay-on-top of market changes and innovation, but have limited time to track these on a daily basis.

Catalyst delivers the exact insights you need every day. It removes the “white noise” and filters intelligence based on key market trends, hot new companies and competitor news. These insights are delivered via daily alerts, weekly curated briefings or PDF reports, all from one platform.

Catalyst Overview

Define Your Topics

We help define initial search topics to match your market.

With Catalyst, we work closely with you using a combination of our search algorithms and human analysis to define exact topics you need to track your competitors, partners, clients and industry. You can select pre-built topics from our Topic Library, but the real magic happens when our analysts work with you to build a set dedicated to your exact team requirements.

Select from pre-built or tailored topics

Set Up Alerts

We set up your key team members with daily alerts.

Once your topics are defined, Catalyst starts scanning millions of articles each day to identify the most important insights. We set up your teams on Catalyst so they receive daily alerts on the topics relevant to them - allowing your team to stay up-to-speed on the most important stories affecting their day-to-day roles, whether for sales leads, client engagement or strategic planning.

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Curate Briefings

We can manage the curation of briefings for your wider organization.

You may also want to keep your wider organization up-to-speed on the latest trends e.g. FinTech or Virtual Reality via a weekly newsletter, but don’t always have the time to curate these yourself. This is where we can help!

Our analysts use Catalyst’s Newsletter Builder to identify the key insights, curate stories from the week and deliver a company-branded intelligence briefing to hundreds of people across your company from the CEO to operational teams.

You can, of course, use the in-built Catalyst curation tools yourself to curate your own branded newsletters, PDF reports or create RSS feeds to share intelligence on your blog, social media or enterprise applications.

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Track Usage

Catalyst tools allow you to manage groups of users and view usage analytics.

Our Group Management feature enables you to set up groups and distribute alerts and newsletters to thousands of people inside and outside of your company. The Analytics Dashboard monitors content usage, trending Topics and subject area experts in your organization.

Catalyst Features

  • Advanced Search

    Track any Topic from competitors, people moves to industry news, and discover relevant insights to deliver to your senior executive team.

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  • Newsletter Builder

    Curate a weekly intelligence briefing to inform your senior executives on latest industry trends, competitors and news.​

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  • Group Management

    Group users according to their interests, set up end-user alerts and newsletter subscriptions and manage content licenses.

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  • Live Alerts

    Monitor news from across your favourite sources, and receive automated daily or weekly alerts sent to your inbox.

  • Source Lists

    Create a list of your favourite sources and share personalized reading lists with your teams and colleagues.

  • PDF Suite

    Create a stylish PDF with your company branding, to share with your team, before you step into a new client meeting.

  • RSS Feeds

    Easily create live RSS feeds to embed onto your blog, social media or enterprise applications.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Monitor the content usage and Topic trends, to increase the value and ROI of your information sources.

  • API

    Connect to our API for aggregating, filtering and tagging your information sources – and delivering rich content into your enterprise applications.

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